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Human Resource Management Course



The course is designed to equip Executives of churches or church related organizations, such as General Secretaries of churches, Dioceses, Christian Council of Churches, Episcopal Conferences: Superiors of religious congregations and Heads of Church institutions and Christian NGOs, Heads of Human Resource.

Course Objectives:
• To address major issues of human resource management that face our churches and church related

Course content

Module 1: Fundamentals for Effective Management
• Stewardship & Accountability.
• Organizational and personal Integrity.
• Dual Nature of human beings and management controls.
• Time management and Delegation.

Module 2: Management Overview
• Trends and developments in HRM.
• Understanding the Human resource function.
• Human – resource planning and forecasting.
• Job analysis/evaluation and job descriptions.

Module 3: Human resource selection and hiring.
• Recruitment.
• Selection Procedures/Interviews.
• Terms and condition of service.
• Induction, orientation and on-the job training
• Career management.
• Training and development policy.
• Promotion/Demotion.
• Exit/separation with the employee.

Module 4: Performance Management
• Motivation.
• Performance management.
• Performance training.
• Linking appraisal to development of employee.

Module 5: Compensation and Benefits.
• Principles of wage administration.
• Internal equity and competitiveness.
• Salary grading and structure.
• Pension fund Administration (provident fund; gratuity).
• Retirement/Retrenchment.

Module 6: Employment and Industrial Relations.
• Labour and legal relations.
• Settlement of grievances.

Module 7: Other
• Welfare service and safety.
• Conflict management.
• Counseling and counseling techniques.
• Stress management and burnout.

Tuition Fee: US $ 800
Accommodation Fee: US $ 520

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